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Menurut web diatas Lina itu begini lo…

purple wolf


You are Purple Wolf, who is simple, cheerful and friendly type. You don’t change your attitude according to other person, and can state your own points of view straightly. You don’t flirt or be too dependent, you are a serious person. You tend to lack sensitivity, and although you say things straightforwardly, you don’t mean any harm. But others may misunderstand you and think you as cold hearted person. You don’t try to exaggerate your attitude and expressions. You will not be influenced by your surroundings, and therefore are confident about your own thinking. This may make you seem as stubborn. Your hold your own philosophy about your life, and will steadily move on one step at a time towards your objective. You are very responsible and precise person. In personal relationships, you tend to be kind and soft-hearted; you can get on with people without thinking about personal interests. You possess strict economical view and are reliable person. When you get to your middle ages, you may experience instability for a long time. You are cool about your love life too. You don’t like bargaining, and will approach with sincere heart. You grow love slowly, but sometimes you can get in a sudden burst of passion. After marriage, you will take care of your family well, and be a good wife.

Keras kepala …ehm little bit, lack of sensitivity…not really, cold hearted person…tepatnya kurang bisa mengungkapkan perasaan seh ^^ be a good wife..hopefully seh gtu ya in the future ameeen

PS : Yo…adopsi aku donk secara aku purple gtu ..:-p


Comments on: "lovelylina is purple wolf..arf..arf" (2)

  1. Boleh2 lin…ntar diadopsi ya… he2

  2. lovelylina said:

    kasih makan yang banyak ya ^^

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